Adult Failure to Thrive


You’ve heard of infants who fail to thrive. It is just as tragic when promising young adults seem to lose their focus and become non-productive. Families become frustrated and angry, and feel helpless when trying to decide how to help their loved one move forward.

Characteristics often include:


  • Anhedonia – the loss of ability to experience pleasure in activities that were previously enjoyed
  • Dissipation of goal-driven behavior
  • Social withdrawal
  • Disruption of sleep-wake cycle (but not insomnia)
  • Entitlement/narcissistic traits
  • Low self-esteem
  • Obsessive-compulsive traits
  • Overvalued ideas that seem reasonable as rules to live by to the individual, but not to others
  • Low level of functioning (social, school, and/or work) relative to a higher previous level

Neuropsychological evaluation can clarify diagnosis and help to formulate an effective intervention plan, so the entire family can move forward. Don’t lose more time – evaluate, understand, and take action.  

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